Choosing the right personal domain name

So I’m planning to rebuild my personal brand, trying to be more professional ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). There are a lot of things to do, such as building a better portfolio, editing social network pages, adjusting accounts on work related services, taking a good profile picture, feeding my cat, etc.

My brand

One of the most important things is choosing a suitable representative Username/Domain name. This also can be the most difficult part and cost you much time and effort, so I really need your advice.

After a lot of consideration, I come up with 3 options:

Option 1: Keep using

Obviously the easiest path to go because I’m currently using this domain. It’s a very good one, of course, but it has some downsides as well.

First, it’s not consistent with my usernames. On most websites and social networks, the username that I’m using is tungkradle. So everytime I say “Hey, you can read more about it on my personal website!”, the first address people think of will be

Or vice versa, sometimes the readers of my website may go to social network profiles with username @tunglt to connect with me. And all they found was an account that was abandoned for thousands of years or a young buddy who definitely not me.


  • 6 years old domain name (Old is good, it proves that your website is stable and reliable)
  • Short (6 letters) domain name (Unlike p*nis, shorter is better in the world of domain)
  • It represents my name well (Firstname + Initial middlename + Initial lastname)


  • It’s not consistent with my username, causing mistaken
  • Not really good for typography (Letters l and t stand side by side looking unbalanced and difficult to recognize)

Option 2: Use

IMO this isn’t a very good name, maybe because I don’t like the idea of putting a nickname in the middle of my name. However, it will solve the problem of unification between username and domain name.

Long domain

Although not too long, it certainly is not a short name. And sometimes I have trouble speaking it out to others. For Vietnamese people, they are confused whenever they heard the krad part, most of them mistaken it as crad, crat, craft, crash, etc.


  • Consistent with my username
  • Quite unique
  • Easy to read the letters


  • A little longer (10 letters, 3 syllables)
  • Not easy to pronounce and remember

Option 3: Choose another user/domain name

This is the most risky option and can be painful because I would probably have to rebuild from scratch: create new email, change social networks username, register new accounts on many websites, etc. But if I could come up with a really good username then that would be totally worth it.

Found a good one!

I would prefer a username with less than 8 characters, easy to remember, readable and good enough to represent myself. The problem is that I’m a kind of John Smith. My real name is very common in Vietnam, even my nickname is common and used by a lot of people. So all that I can come up with (tungle, kradle, krad, etc.) are already taken.


  • Solves all problems


  • Causes new problems

That’s it! Please vote in the poll below to help me find the best option. You can also leave comments on what you think, I would be very grateful.