Alice in Borderland Live Action vs Manga Comparison

22 Dec 2020

Updated comparison for Season 2!

⚠ Spoiler Alert: This article contains mild spoilers that may (or may not) affects your watching experience.

Lately, I got hooked on Alice in Borderland TV show, adapted from the manga of the same name by Haro Aso (Imawa No Kuni No Alice).

As someone who has read and loved the manga, I am kind of satisfied with the live-action. Unlike most other Netflix adaptations, it has soul and well conveys the spirit of the original - mystery, tension, and thrilling.

The show started relatively more verbose and ambiguous than the manga, but it continued to grow in me as it kept delivering faithful plots to the original. Changes are not significant and do not heavily affect the main storyline. Acting and storytelling are spot-on. VFX look TV but enough to enjoy.

One of my favorite things is the casting is so on point. Some look quite similar to their manga versions. Some have differences but still have their own charms and exude the characters' charisma. To conclude, I’ve prepared some images comparing live-action characters with their manga counterparts.

Ryōhei Arisu arisu

Usagi Yuzuha usagi

Chōta Segawa chota

Daikichi Karube karube

Saori Shibuki saori

Shuntarō Chishiya chishiya

Hikari Kuina kuina

Takeru Danma - The Hatter danma

Morizono Aguni aguni

Suguru Niragi nigari

Takatora SamuraLast Boss last boss

Rizuna An ann

Mira Kanō mira

Season 2 Characters 🔗

Ginji Kyūma kyuma

Akane Heiya heiya

Sunato Banda banda

Enji Matsushita matsushita

Ōki Yaba yaba

Kotoko Shiga kotoko

Score: 8️⃣ of 🔟


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